Sound Design

Whether it is realistic soundscaping or out-of-this-world effects, we always try to provide something that is perfect for the project

Audio Implementation

We love to get our hands dirty on the project and game engine to make sure the audio is implemented in the correct way. We are fully knowledgeable with Unity, Unreal, C# and Audio Middleware such as Wwise and FMOD

Music Composition

We strive for the best and high-quality musical experience that fits the ideas of the designers and the game environment, We provide the best and well-integrated interactive music in the industry

Our Services

When you choose Runic Sounds for your project you will always get the best quality audio and integration support

Triple-A Quality Audio
Audio Implementation & Code Support
Different options for audio Middleware FMOD – Wwise – UnityAudio
Marketing and Cinematic audio services
Custom made Sound Design and Music
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